Our Fellows are scholars of national and international stature who have made significant contributions to the growth of knowledge in Ethiopia. There are three categories of Fellows of the Academy: Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Honorary Fellows. New Fellows and Associate Fellows, who fulfil the Academy’s eligibility criteria, are selected annually based on the nomination of existing Fellows and Associate Fellows. Associate and Honorary Fellows are selected on the basis of the same criteria as Regular Fellows and have the same rights and obligations, except the right to vote in the General Assembly or to be elected as Officers of the Academy. The names of nominated Fellows and Associate Fellows are presented to the annual General Assembly each year for approval or voting. Selected Fellows and Associate Fellows who have accepted the honor are introduced to the Assembly at the next General Assembly.

As of 2018, the Academy’s Fellowship consists of 175 Fellows; 63 Associate Fellows and 1 Honorary Fellow. All Fellows serve the Academy on voluntary basis in working groups, in publication and award committees where they contribute to the attainment of the Academy’s vision.

Fellows are citizens of Ethiopia who are selected from among active scientists who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields. Currently, the Academy has 170 Fellows whose expertise and contributions span through various disciplines of sciences. See the full list of EAS Fellows here

Associate Fellows are Ethiopians of the diaspora or non-Ethiopian scholars who are selected from among scholars who have made significant contributions to the sciences in Ethiopia. The Academy currently has 57 Associate Fellows who have made immense contribution to advancing knowledge in Ethiopia. See the full list of EAS Associate Fellows here

Honorary Fellows are selected by the General Assembly from among persons who have made outstanding contributions to the broad objectives of the Academy. Since its establishment, the Academy has given Honorary Fellowship to Professor Andreas Eshete.

Fellows Nomination and Election Guideline

Annual Schedule for Nomination

Nomination and Acceptance Forms

Associate Fellowship Acceptance Form,

Candidate Proposal Form,

Candidate’s Self-Application Form,

Fellowship Acceptance Form,

Working Group Nomination Form

EAS History1

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About Us.

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization established to promote a culture of scientific inquiry and creativity and the pursuit of excellence and scholarship in the sciences among Ethiopians. EAS, which was established in 2010 with 49 Fellows, was recognized by Act-of-parliament in 2013 with Proclamation No. 783/2013. As of […]

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With a view to recognizing, promoting and supporting scientific excellence, EAS awards special prizes, medals and other expressions of honour to Ethiopian scientists who have made outstanding contributions to their specific fields and/or to the sciences in Ethiopia. The awards cover a variety of disciplines in the sciences. Awarding ExcellenceThe special awards of EAS are […]

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