Demographic Dividend Scorecard Project

About the project

Project Objective:

This project aims at developing a tool to guide policy makers in the process of identifying a set of Demographic Dividend favorable policies that yield the highest Return on Investment and their corresponding indicators relative respective demographic characteristics. The tool will allow to measure the strength of national efforts towards reaping the demographic dividend benefits for inclusive and sustainable development that will facilitate the learning process access sub-Sahara Africa.  

Sources of Finance: John Hopkins University

Role of the ethiopian academy of sciences(eas)

review key stages

  • EAS is responsible for ensuring that each component of the Scorecard is tailored for Ethiopia’s particular context by conducting a thorough review at key stages of the Scorecard preparation

scorecard dissemination plan and virtual training

EAS will also work with GI to devise a scorecard dissemination plan and facilitate virtual trainings for experts on how to utilize the Scorecard for future use

assign team of experts

  • The Academy seeks to assign a team of 3 experts to contribute to the preparation/contextualization of the Scorecard. The team will be responsible for reviewing the Scorecard at key stages and providing detailed feedback and inputs, and with a view to ensuring that all components of the Scorecard are suited for Ethiopia’s context

Deliverables from the EAS

  • The deliverables are regular feedbacks, comments and inputs for each phase of the scorecard development
  • Launching and dissemination of the final scorecard
  • Progress Report Every 3 Months
  • Final project report 30 days after termination of the contract

Brief Update

Demographic Dividend Scorecard

EAS is collaborating with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in the preparation of a demographic dividend (DD) scorecard. The DD scorecard is a tool that will allow local DD policy makers, scientists and advocates to measure and monitor DD progress in the country and identify policy gaps and investment priorities in a timely manner according to the demographic characteristics of the country.

Based on the potential to harness the power of the demographic transition’s demographic dividend and their spatial existence in the continent, the DD scorecard is being developed for six initial focus countries, where Ethiopia is one along with Kenya, Senegal, Nigeria and Rwanda, Tanzania. In terms of status, a survey is completed to develop Demographic Dividend Effort Index (DDEI) and JHU is doing the analysis on the survey data.

Achievements to date:

·         The expert group reviewed the literature review findings done by JHU

·         The expert group reviewed the methodology prepared by JHU

·         Reviewed the scorecard effort index questionnaire

EAS has facilitated the DD Effort Index Survey