Bridging Population Evidence with Policy in Ethiopia

about the project


To generate and contextualize evidence, create platforms for evidence-based dialogue, build the skills of emerging professionals, and strengthen EAS’s institutional capacity.

Sources of Finance: David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Intervention areas:

  • Generate and contextualize evidence,
  • Build stakeholder consensus on critical issues.
  • Create platforms that convene policymakers and researchers for evidence-based dialogue.
  • Enhance the capacity of emerging researchers to contribute to the continuity efforts to bridge the gap between evidence and policy.
  • Open avenues for EAS to strengthen its capacity through partnerships with regional and international academies and institutions with experience and expertise relevant to EAS’s work in population.

planned activities


A study on emerging issue in population and development – Publication


Technical support for a possible revision of the national population policy of Ethiopia.


Report on Ethiopia’s progress in achieving the demographic dividend – Publication - EAS is currently working with the Gates Institute to develop a demographic dividend scorecard.


Preparation of communication materials – Publications and/or video


Training workshop for emerging researchers


Dialogues on issues of population and development (two roundtable discussions and one conference)


Establishing partnership with sister Academies