Ethiopian Panel on Climate Change (EPCC) Overview


Why the EPCC is needed

There is a critical lack of ins situations that foster dialogue and knowledge sharing among researchers. Climate research is currently done in silos leaving other departments and universities unaware of other related climate research. Furthermore, neither the government nor the EPA is able to utilize the research findings to inform their environmental policies due to lack of accessibility. The Ethiopian Pane el on Climate Change (EPCC) will bridge t the gap between academics, experts, and policy-makers by establishing a national knowledge-sharing network. This network will serve as a platform for experts to communicate e and collaborate on the climate agenda through various forums such as conferences s, trainings, and seminars. Furthermore, enabling academics to peer-review research better informs their ability to participate in the national climate discussion.

What the EPCC will accomplish

The EPCC provides an unprecedented opportunity to provide rigorous a and balanced scientific information directly y to decision makers. Strengthening the EPA A’s monitoring capacity and management is key to ensure the success of the CRGE initiative and Ethiopia’s economic growth h priorities. The EPCC will create a dynamic c knowledge-sharing network of climate-related research and establish an environmental management system that works in congruence with the EPA. The primary p purpose of the EPCC is to establish a database system to validate and to verify climate res search, which will create synergy among policy makers, development sectors and scientific communities. The EPCC will streamline the findings and recommendations to the Federal EPA, thus doubly incentivizing collaboration amongst researchers and policy-makers. A national database of accredited peer-reviewed research will strengthen the government’s and the Federal EPA’s institutional capacity to monitor environmental change and to strategize adaptive policies. Eventually, it is expected that the EPCC will be a driving force for climate e change shaping policies, advocacy and knowledge sharing of best practices and lessons s learned.


First Assessment Report Summary of Reports for Policymakers

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EPCC Baseline Studies on Climate Change Research in Ethiopia

  EPCC Technical Reports

Draft Report of The Second Technical Meeting of the EPCC

Draft Report of The First Technical Meeting of the EPCC

 EPCC Workshop Reports