Bridging Population Evidence with Policy – Bridge II

about the project


The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) partnered with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to its engagements of bridging the gap between evidence and policies in population issues in Ethiopia. The phase I project planned to build stakeholders’ consensus on critical issues, create platforms that convene policymakers and researchers for evidence-based dialogue, and enhance the capacity of emerging researchers to contribute to the continuous efforts to bridge the gap between evidence and policy. The partnership has also continued to phase II under Bridge-II project theme which will build on gains from the phase I project and offer to link demographic variables to reproductive health and rights as well as human capital development issues.

Sources of Finance: David and Lucile Packard Foundation

What is Bridge-II

Objective of the project

To promote evidence-based policy responses and integrated programming for enhanced human capital formation and improved equity too eventually help the nation achieve sustainable development goals-SDG3.  The Specific Objectives and the corresponding activities, along the line of the intervention areas are outlined as follows: 

  • To promote national strategies to fully harness the benefits of the demographic dividend through validation and consolidation of available evidence focusing on human capital formation
  • To strengthen national capacity to deliver integrated sexual and reproductive health services through multi-stakeholders’ collaboration
  • To advance gender equality, women’s and girls’ empowerment, and reproductive rights, including adolescents and youth

Intervention areas:

  • Harnessing Demographic Dividend
  • Harnessing Gender Dividend
  • Enhancing reproductive Health outcomes 

planned activities


A study on emerging issue in population and development – Publication


Technical support for a possible revision of the national population policy of Ethiopia.


Report on Ethiopia’s progress in achieving the demographic dividend – Publication - EAS is currently working with the Gates Institute to develop a demographic dividend scorecard.


Preparation of communication materials – Publications and/or video


Training workshop for emerging researchers


Dialogues on issues of population and development (two roundtable discussions and one conference)


Establishing partnership with sister Academies