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Consensus Study

Owning Our Urban Future: Enabling Healthy Cities in Eastern Africa, 2018August 2018 Owning Our Urban ...
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EAS Congresses

3rd Science Congress Program, Concept Note and Brief Biographies of Presenters, December 2017 Congress Booklet.pdf3rd Science Congress ...
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EAS Update for web

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2009 EC English pdf EAS Annual Report 2009 Amharic pdf Annual report amharic ...
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Policies & guidelines

Policymakers' Booklet on The Demographic Dividend: Imperative for Ethiopia’s TransformationOctober 2017  The Demographic Dividend: Imperative ...
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General Resources

የኢትዮጵያ ሳይንስ አካዳሚ ዜና መጽሔትይህ የዜና መጽሔት አካዳሚው ካሁን በፊት በየሦስት ወሩ በእንግሊዝኛ ቋንቋ እያዘጋጀ ...
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