UNESCO Addis Ababa Visited EAS Headquarters

The Science Program Head of UNESCO Addis Ababa Office, Dr. Samuel Partey recently visited the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS), at the invitation of the Academy’s Executive Director, Professor Teketel Yohannes.  Ms. Juma, Lilian Adhiambo, AUYV/ Earth and Ecological Sciences Associate accompanied Dr. Samuel Partey during the visit.

Professor Teketel Yohannes,extended a warm welcome to the team and provided a detailed overview of the Academy’s history, objectives, and the various activities it has carried out and the linkages it has built since its establishment. He also recalled an earlier discussion he had with UNESCO officials about issues of common interest and mentioned that this is the second round of discussion.

During the visit, the officials of the two organizations exchanged ideas on the different modalities of promoting science as a vehicle for the achievement of Ethiopia’s development objectives and on the establishment of sustainable relations for future joint activities.

Dr. Partey described that UNESCO’s focus areas are education, science, culture, communication and information to foster mutual understanding and respect for our planet. He also mentioned that UNESCO works collaboratively with organizations that are engaged in activities related to its focus areas. He also indicated the interest of UNESCO to jointly organize an event with EAS on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly that will take place on 11 February 2023

Other points raised during the discussion were open science and science journalism. Prof. Teketel stated that the academy is doing its part in open science by publishing and distributing research journals, user manuals in many fields, organizing open public lectures on varies national issues, and through science exhibits in the science center and disseminating related information on digital media. In addition, he explained that capacity building training is being provided in the field of research communication to junior researchers from various research and higher education institutions.

The two organizations agreed that they will work together to achieve the missions they share, and decided to jointly organize this year’s International Day of Women and girls in Science celebration on February 11.

Finally, the UNESCO team visited the EAS Centers (Creative Art Center, STEM center, Science Exhibits and press products) and praised the Academy’s effort to advance the knowledge of young people and children in the fields of science and technology and inspire them to pursue their further studies and careers in this area.