The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences discussed science popularization with guests from the US Embassy.

Mr. Teklemichael Tefera Director, American Spaces & Education USA Advisor, along with Mrs. Eyerusalem Mandefro, the Educational Exchange Coordinator, and Ms. Makida Haileselasie, the Exchanges assistant, recently visited the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) to explore potential collaboration opportunities. The esteemed guests were warmly welcomed by the Executive Director of EAS, Prof. Teketel Yohannes, Dr. Tibebeselassie Seyoum, and other members of the EAS staff.

During the visit, Prof. Teketel provided a comprehensive overview of the Academy, including its history, establishment, objectives, and ongoing projects. He highlighted the Academy’s involvement in various areas such as population studies, gender mainstreaming, and capacity development of applied universities in Ethiopia. Prof. Teketel also mentioned the Academy’s organization of consensus studies, panel discussions, and monthly public lectures.

Mrs. Eyerusalem emphasized the well-defined procedure for African and American scholars to exchange experiences through the US State Department. She highlighted the shared mission between the Academy and Fulbright University, as both institutions serve as valuable resources for policy review. By leveraging the support of the US State Department, partnerships can be strengthened, and collective objectives can be pursued. Mrs. Eyerusalem also emphasized the Academy’s commitment to selecting topics that address critical national issues, enabling Fulbright Scholars to deliver insightful lectures during the monthly public sessions. Recognizing the significance of these lectures, the US State Department has pledged additional resources to facilitate their success.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Teklemichael emphasized the need for a stronger partnership between the Academy and the US State Department in the future. This collaboration would involve identifying and providing financial support for activities that align with their shared goals, ultimately ensuring the success of their collective endeavors.