The EAS held a discussion with the member families of the Blaten Geta Hiruy Woldeselassie

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (#EAS) recently conducted a fruitful discussion with the esteemed families of the late 20th-century Ethiopian icon, Blaten Geta Hiruy Woldeselassie (#BGHWS). The primary focus of this engaging dialogue centered on the establishment of a memorial foundation in honor of this remarkable individual, as well as the prospect of reprinting his early writings.

Mr. Yitagesu Getnet, the director of the Art Center, introduced the discussion and explained that they plan to establish a foundation in the name of the famous writer, diplomat, and former minister of foreign affairs. Additionally, they aim to organize residence programs at the center to honor other prominent figures from the late 20th century. Mr. Yitagesu also emphasized the need for initial funding to ensure the success of this initiative and other projects.

Prof. Teketel Yohannes, the Executive Director of the EAS, mentioned that establishing the foundation will serve to carry out many nationally important research projects by collecting endowment funds and designing projects. He cited Professor Aklilu Lemma and Dr. Getachew Bolodia’s foundations as examples. He reminded the participants of the meeting that these foundations carry out various activities in the university areas and provide scholarships to students.

Mr. Theodros Atlaw, the Editor of the Academy Press, emphasized the significant contribution of Hiruy’s early writings, which consist of more than 20 books and articles, to the development of Ethiopian modern literature. He also pointed out that these writings played a crucial role in guiding Ethiopia towards modernization.

Beyond his tireless efforts to advance national civilization and foster the progress of his nation, he patiently championed gender equality in his literary works. To honor his invaluable contributions in a contemporary manner, Mr. Theodros proposed organizing conferences under his name, gathering the proceedings, and publishing the comprehensive records of these gatherings.

To successfully achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the families of BGHWS need to grant permission for the old books and articles to be reprinted through the Academy press, ensuring that their quality is maintained. Mr. Theodros assured the families that the Academy would fulfill its responsibility in this regard.

Mrs. Emyu Teklemariam believes that her grandfather’s early writings and legacies hold the key to modernizing Ethiopia and promoting universal civilization and development. She admires his work, and she is grateful for the efforts of the EAS and other institutions in recognizing the legacy left by him and ensuring his contributions for present and future generations. Mrs. Emyu is determined to inform the Hiruy family members about the establishment of a foundation and the reprinting of his earlier books and articles.

Following the discussion, the Hiruy family generously donated additional utility heritage and printing products to the Creative Art Center. These valuable items will be showcased in the museum organized within the Creative Art Center, which is organized by the Academy.