The (EAS) Board and Working Groups (WG) held a joint meeting

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) Board and Working Groups (WG) held a joint meeting to enhance communication and cooperation among them

The meeting aimed to identify and address key national issues and leverage the expertise and knowledge of the academy’s members to contribute to the advancement of science and the betterment of Ethiopia.

The six working groups of the Academy are the Agricultural Working Group, Engineering Working Group, Health Working Group, Natural Science Working Group, Social Science and Humanities Working Group, and Creative Arts Working Group. These groups contribute to the academy’s activities and initiatives.

During the joint meeting, the five groups convened to present their performance report and to discuss their active involvement in critical national cross-cutting issues. The working groups presented their reports and held a discussion. They agreed to work together to achieve the Academy’s vision and missions. The ultimate goal of the meeting was to foster closer interactions and collaboration among the working groups and the boar.