Science Center Overview

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) is established with a vision of fostering the development of scientific culture and scholarship in Ethiopia and the improvement of the quality of life of its people. The Academy intends to promote the appreciation and understanding of science, among others, through the establishment of a science center. A science center is a venue that offers a friendly and dynamic environment where visitors of all ages and diverse educational background come to appreciate the wondrous world of sciences and discovery. It is also a venue that provides an experiment based learning ambiance to inculcate a spirit of inquiry, foster creative talent and create scientific interest in the community as a whole.

As an institution dedicated to promoting science and technology, EAS has taken the initiative to establish a science center in Ethiopia, which shall serve as a hub to promote a culture of science and enhance public understanding of science and technology in the country. Ideally, a Science Center is a vast undertaking where interactive exhibits spanning through various disciplines are displayed using current technological advances. However, because of the resource limitations to build and operate such a center, EAS has opted to begin modestly and expand as the Center garners more relevance and support.  Hence, the current Science Center is located within the compound of the Academy’s Headquarter at the former residence of Blaten Geta Hiruy Woldesellassie. The Center, which is proposed to be named Science Center of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (SCEAS), is set to be functional in early 2017.