New Zealand Embassy to Ethiopia Visited EAS Headquarters

The Deputy Head of Mission New Zealand to Ethiopia Oliva Owen visited the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) on September 21, 2022, at the invitation of the Academy. Ms. Seble Girma, Development Programme Coordinator of the Embassy accompanied the Deputy Head during the visit.

Professor Tsige Gebre-Mariam, President of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, welcomed the guests and briefed them about the history, establishment, objectives, and the various projects that Academy has been undertaking. He elaborated on the activities of the Academy in the areas of federalism, peace-building and democratisation.

He mentioned about the consensus studies, panel discussions and public lectures that were organised by the Academy. Professor Tsige also underscored the successful collaborations the Academy has with national, regional and international organisations. 

Professor Teketel Yohannes, the Executive Director of the Academy, on his part indicated that the Academy launched a gender learning forum with INASP. He stated that the forum brings together representatives of higher education institutes and research organizations in the country to discuss and reflect on gender-related issues

Ms. Olivia appreciated the Academy’s work and mentioned that the Embassy of New Zealand in Ethiopia will definitely play a role in facilitating partnership building initiatives between the Academy and science and technology development institutes in New Zealand. 

Ms Oliva visited the EAS Centers (Creative Art Center, STEM center, Science Exhibits and press products) and praised the Academy’s effort to advance the knowledge of young people and children in the fields of science and technology and inspire them to pursue their further studies and careers in this area.