National Academy of Sciences President Emeritus Ralph J. Cicerone Dies at 73


National Academy of Sciences President Emeritus Ralph J. Cicerone – a leader of science and world-renowned authority on atmospheric chemistry and climate change – died at his home in New Jersey today. He was 73.

Cicerone served as the 21st president of the National Academy of Sciences from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2016. Throughout his tenure, Cicerone was a steady voice for science in Washington, always maintaining a civilized and respectful dialogue with politicians and policymakers on some of the most challenging and controversial scientific issues of our time. At the same time, he remained a strong advocate for independent scientific advice – the hallmark of the Academy since its founding in 1863 — to inform government decision-making and public discourse.

His significant milestones and accomplishments include the restoration and renovation of the historic National Academy of Sciences building on the National Mall, the creation of a $500 million Gulf Research Program following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, two visits to NAS by President Obama, and a number of influential studies that helped to define the causes, extent, and effects of global climate change.

“The entire scientific community is mourning the sudden and untimely loss of this great leader who has been unexpectedly removed from the forefront of the scientific issues that matter most to the future well-being of society,” said Marcia McNutt, Cicerone’s successor as president of the National Academy of Sciences. “Ralph Cicerone was a model for all of us of not only doing what counts, but doing it with honesty, integrity, and deep passion.”

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