Ireland Embassy team Visited EAS Headquarter

The Ambassador of Ireland to Ethiopia Brennan Nicola visited the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) on September 08, 2022 at the invitation of the Academy’s Executive Director.

Ms. Eleni Kebede, the Embassy’s Trade and Cultural Assistant accompanied the Ambassador during the visit.

Professor Tsige Gebre-Mariam, President of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, welcomed the guests and briefed them about the history, establishment, objectives, and the various projects that the Academy has been undertaking.

Ambassador Nicola thanked the EAS leadership for the invitation and mentioned that the relationship between Ireland and Ethiopia spans many decades and that the Irish Aid program has been supporting a wide range of partners working in humanitarian assistance, health, nutrition, governance and  social protection in the country.

The Ambassador also stated that, as the academy is a group of many scholars, it has the capacity to carry out research activities to influence the policy making process in areas that are important for the improvement of the lives of Ethiopians.

The Executive director of the academy Prof. Teketel Yohannes explained that the academy is contributing to the policy review by conducting research on very critical issues such as demographics, the use of biotechnology, preparation of laboratory standards for higher educational institutions, exit exam standard of higher educational institutions etc.

Finally, Ambassador Nicola visited the EAS Centers (Creative Art Center, STEM center, Science Exhibits and press products) and appreciated the Academy’s effort to promote scientific culture and innovation in Ethiopia.