Institutional Membership Application Form (EGLF)

Ethiopian Gender Learning Forum (EGLF)

Institutional Membership Application Form (to be submitted by Institutions wishing to be a member of the EGLF

About The Ethiopian Gender Learning Forum

The Ethiopia Gender Learning Forum (EGLF) is a network of professionals interested in promoting Gender Equality and Equity in the higher education and research institutions in Ethiopia. It was established in 2020 with membership of professionals from various higher education and research institutions. The Forum aims to be an umbrella platform of affiliated groups with a common focus, collective voice and first point of contact for all institutions looking to work on issues related to gender equality and equity in the higher education and research system of Ethiopia.

The main objective of the forum is to generate, analyze and provide evidence based recommendations which Advances gender equity in Ethiopia’s higher education and research and to provide a platform for exchange of information and experience that contributes to achieve the goals of the Forum.

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