Ethiopian Journal Editors Forum(EJEF)

The Ethiopian Journal Editors’ Forum (EJEF) is a network of Ethiopian scientific editors that was established under the auspices of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences on October 4, 2019. EJEF was formed by 54 editors drawn from higher education institutions, professional societies and research institutions. EJEF is dedicated to promoting the quality of Ethiopian research journals and the creation of an enabling environment for research and scholarly publishing. The Forum is assigned with the responsibility of organizing capacity-building training for its members and emerging researchers, facilitating the introduction of relevant technologies to enhance the efficiency of journal publishing practices, working in partnership with policymakers for the strengthening of national standards for scholarly publishing, fostering collaborations with similar networks and other partners to promote knowledge generation and dissemination for the good of society.

EJEF 4th Workshop Report – 2019

EJEF Statute – Final