EAS to Celebrate 7th Anniversary of Founding

The 7th Anniversary of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) will be celebrated with different programs on Monday, March 27, 20170 starting from 3:00 pm.

The Celebrations will be at the Academy’s Headquarters,  the former residence of Belaten Geta Hiruy Weldeselassie located in Gulele Sub-city.

The Academy has been striving towards launching a Creative Arts Center in its historic building. Its efforts are bearing fruit as the Center is taking shape with a gallery and library under it. The gallery will be a place to honor the life and works of Belaten Geta Hiruy Weldeselassie. The opening of the gallery will be one of the programs that mark the 7th Anniversary of founding.

A book authored by Belaten Geta Hiruy Weldeselassie in 1911 entitled “The Ethiopian delegation in Europe and the Middle East” and edited by Professor Bahru Zewde will be launched that day as the first book by newly established publisher – Ethiopian Academy Press. The book launch and the inaugural achievement of the Academy Press are part of the Anniversary Program.

The Program will be attended by Fellows of the Academy, government officials, family of Belaten Geta Hiruy Weldeselassie, friends and partners of EAS and journalists.

Established in March 2010 and later recognized by an Act-of-Parliament under proclamation 783/2013, EAS works to foster scientific culture and innovation and advance the knowledge of the sciences, including indigenous knowledge.



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