Demographic Dividend Effort Index news brief

Ethiopia should strengthen efforts being exerted towards harnessing Demographic Dividend (DD)-A Report Suggests

April 04, 2013 (Addis Ababa – EAS). A new study demonstrates that a moderate level of effort being devoted towards creating an enabling environment that would allow Ethiopia to harness the benefits of the Demographic Dividend (DD) should be strengthened.
The study conducted by Gates Institute of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in collaboration with the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) has produced a report entitled Ethiopia’s Demographic Dividend Effort Index (DDEI). It also has shown the strength of national efforts towards reaping the demographic dividend benefits for inclusive and sustainable development that will facilitate the learning process.
The study focuses on the six sectors identified as being integral to the creation of a favorable environment for the DD namely Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health, Education, Women’s Empowerment, Labor Market, and Governance & Economic Institutions.
According to the study, the country’s moderate levels of effort are seen in the Maternal and Child Health followed by Family Planning, Education, Labor Market and then Governance and Economic Institutions sectors consecutively. On the other hand, the study identified that moderate to less-than-moderate levels of efforts are being exerted in the Women Empowerment sector.
Finally, the study put forth the following policy levers that Ethiopia should consider to ensure a favorable environment for harnessing DD:

  • Implement sound macroeconomic and fiscal policies that expand the demand for labour are essential to improve the investment climate, ensure employment generation and absorb the increasing workforce, especially young female workers.

  • Uphold good governance by strengthening the rule of law, improving the efficiency of government institutions, reducing corruption, and guaranteeing contract enforcement procedures.

  • Strengthen coordination among government, civil society, and communities to promote efficient use of available resources for Family Planning programs.

  • Create a system to monitor government commitments and ensure accountability and transparency for Reproductive Maternal Newborn and Child Health programs.

  • Enhance focus on secondary education; greater focus on adult and non-formal education. Both have received attention in the New Education Roadmap.

The report was disseminated at a virtual event to policymakers, implementing agencies, researchers, and other stakeholders including governmental and non-governmental institutions.
Click here to access the report
Click here to access a video presentation and discussion of the research report dissemination.

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