A Workshop on National Biotechnology Research and Development Plan Held

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) organized a one day stakeholders Workshop entitled “National Biotechnology Research and Development Plan”. The Workshop was held on Thursday, September 01, 2016 at the Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The Study was commissioned by the FDRE Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and it has been carried out by a team of biotechnology experts assigned by the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) since January 2016.

The main objective of the Study is to chart the use of Biotechnology as a main engine for national development in Ethiopia through appropriate training, well planned and organized infrastructure development, thorough marketing and investment plans and awareness creation programs.

Presentations at the Workshop included National Biotechnology Curriculum Review and Development for 2015 – 2024, Biotechnology Research and Training Infrastructure Plan, Biotechnology Regulatory Framework Guidelines, Biotechnology Investment and Marketing Study and Biotechnology Awareness Creation and Acquisition of Concepts.

Following the presentations, discussions on the major findings of the Study and on points that needed to be added or considered for the final report were conducted in break-out sessions.

The Workshop brought together over 50 participants from various associations, research institutes, higher learning institutes and experts in the various sectors.

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