The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Education and Culture exchange team visited the EAS Headquarters to discuss possible partnerships

 (Addis Ababa, December 1, 2023, EAS)

The U.S. Embassy’s Education and Culture Exchange team paid a visit to the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (#EAS) Headquarters to discuss potential partnerships. Led by Mr. Ryan Bradeen, the Cultural Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, the team aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and partnership building in the fields of education and culture.

Upon arrival, Dr. Tibebeselasie Seyoum, the Deputy Executive Director of the EAS, along with other staff members warmly welcomed the guests. They provided a comprehensive briefing on the Academy’s history, establishment, objectives, and ongoing projects.

During the discussion, the Fulbright Scholar Ethiopians and the officers from the education and culture exchange department expressed their commitment of managing various educational and cultural exchanges in cooperation with Ethiopia. They also highlighted the cultural group’s role in promoting American art and culture to foster mutual understanding between the Ethiopian and American people. The scholars from both countries offered valuable insights on how the Academy could effectively implement these exchanges, ensuring a coordinated approach in Ethiopia.

Furthermore, the scholars advised the Academy to incorporate gender considerations into their selection process for fellows.

They also stated that, as the academy is a group of many scholars, it can carry out research activities to influence and provide research-based policy advice to the government in areas that are important for the improvement of the lives of Ethiopians.

Dr. Tibebeselassie explained that the academy has been contributing in providing research-based policy advice to the government and other stakeholders in the policy review by researching very critical issues such as demographics, the use of biotechnology, preparation of laboratory standards for higher educational institutions, exit exam standard of higher educational institutions, etc.

Finally, the guests visited the EAS Centers (Creative Art Center, STEM Center, Science Exhibits and press products) and appreciated the Academy’s effort to promote scientific culture and innovation in Ethiopia.