EAS prepares manuals for university laboratories and workshops

In partnership with the former Ministry of Education (now Ministry of Science and Higher Education), the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) has developed a consolidated document that sets minimum acceptable laboratory and workshop standards for undergraduate sciences and engineering education programs. The manuals are prepared for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering undergraduate programs.


The very initiative of the project was to address the complexities of university laboratory systems that require acceptable standards and thus prepare manuals to guide and facilitate the learning journey in Ethiopian higher education institutions. The manuals suggested standards on content, set-up, quality control procedures, communications, record-keeping schemes, personnel, good quality reagents and equipment, standard storage facility and, necessary safety standards including on what laboratory environment should look like.

EAS believes that setting standards on laboratory requirements ensures equitable teaching and learning environment across universities in the country.

The project has been successfully completed and the study reports have been submitted to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.