Working Groups

Fellows of the Academy are organized under Working Groups based on their area of specialization. EAS has six Working Groups, namely, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Fine Arts, Health, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities. Each Working Group has a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and other members.


Agriculture Working Group


  1. Dr. Solomon Bekure, Chairperson
  2. Dr. Solomon Hailemariam, V/Chairperson
  3. Dr. Aregay Waktola (non-Fellow), Secretary
  4. Dr. Brhane Gebrekidan, Member
  5. Dr. Alemu Yami, Member
  6. Dr. Dawit Alemu, Member
  7. Dr. Mengistu Hulluka, Member

Engineering and Technology Working Group


  1. Prof. Alemayehu Teferra, Chairperson
  2. Prof. Daniel Kitaw, V/Chairperson
  3. Prof. Mohammed Abdo, Secretary
  4. Prof. Belay Woldeyes, Member
  5. Dr. Asrat Worku, Member

Fine Arts Working Group


  1. Ato Bekele Mekonnen, Chairperson
  2. Prof. Shibru Tedla, V/Chairperson
  3. Ato Fasil Giorghis, Secretary
  4. W/ro Konjit Seyoum (non-Fellow), Member
  5. Ms. Aida Muluneh (non-Fellow), Member
  6. Ato Abraham Wolde (non-Fellow), Member

Health Working Group


  1. Prof. Asrat Hailu, Chairperson
  2. Dr. Markos Abebe, V/Chairperson
  3. Dr. Aster Tsegaye, Secretary
  4. Prof. Sileshi Lulseged, Member
  5. Prof. Damen Hailemariam, Member
  6. Prof. Eyasu Mekonnen, Member
  7. Prof. Meaza Demissie, Member

Natural Sciences Working Group


  1. Dr. Atalay Ayele, Chairperson
  2. Dr. Mulugeta Bekele, V/Chairperson
  3. Prof. Asfawossen Asrat, Secretary
  4. Prof. Abebe Getahun, Member
  5. Dr. Fassil Assefa, Member
  6. Dr. Yonas Beyene, Member
  7. Prof. Teketel Yohannes, Member

Social Sciences and Humanities Working Group


  1. Prof. Tegegne Gebre-Egziabher, Chairperson
  2. Prof. Shiferaw Bekele, V/Chairperson
  3. Prof. Habtamu Wondimu, Secretary
  4. W/ro Zenebework Tadesse, Member
  5. Prof. Tilahun Teshome, Member
  6. Prof. Darge Wole, Member


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