Vacancy to Research Assistants

  1. Background

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) is established with the objectives of advancing scientific knowledge in Ethiopia and providing evidence-based advice to the Government of Ethiopia on issues of national importance.

For the past few years, EAS has been engaged in synthesizing and contextualizing evidence on population and development issues and providing platforms for dialogue on policy design and implementation in the area. Cognizant of the fact that a periodic review is an essential part of evidence-based policy management and based on the request of the National Planning Commission, EAS is preparing to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of the National Population Policy of Ethiopia (NPPE), which was launched in 1993. The main objective of this comprehensive assessment is to review the policy and its implementation; gather evidence on its successes and shortcomings, and articulate recommendations for proactive and sustained policy engagement on population and sustainable development issues in Ethiopia.

EAS is conducting the assessment by assigning senior experts from within and outside its membership. EAS now seeks to hire two research assistants that will assist the team of experts through the process of conducting the Assessment, and invites qualified experts to apply for the position.

  1. Responsibilities of the Research Assistants

The Research Assistants will assist Experts with collecting, compiling and summarizing primary and secondary data that is required for the Assessment. More specifically, Research Assistants will:

  • Conduct a systematic search of literature, categorize, and compile search results based on direction from experts.
  • Collect and analyze relevant data from secondary sources (population and housing censuses, Demographic and Health Surveys; population-program related reports, and other relevant national development policies and strategy documents)
  • Assist in identifying, contacting and confirming key informants and participants for data collection including interview and focus group discussion.
  • Assist in scheduling interviews and focus group discussions with the direction of Experts.
  • Travel to selected regions for data collections (to conduct interviews and focus group discussions, as appropriate).
  • Conduct interviews with key informants as per the direction of the predetermined interview guideline data collection procedures prepared by the team of Experts.
  • Administer and facilitate focus group discussions with variety of actors, with close guidance and supervision by the team of Experts.
  • Maintain accurate and confidential records of interviews and focus group discussions and other data that will be collected for the assessment.
  • Compile, summarize, and regularly communicate results from the data collection as per the direction of the team.
  • Review data to ensure completeness and accuracy of information; follow-up with KIs to clarify collected data whenever necessary.
  • Collect and compile socio-economic secondary data from relevant government and non-governmental stakeholders that will be identified by the Experts.
  • Undertake miscellaneous activities related to the assessment as assigned by the Team.
  1. Key Deliverables
  • Submission of results from data collection [secondary data collection, interview, focus group discussions] summarized and compiled as per the direction of the team, as per the timeline agreed upon by the study team
  • Submission of report, as per the timeline agreed upon by the study team


  1. Submission of application

Interested experts should email their expression of interest, CV, and a copy of their writing sample to  with a copy to  no later than 10 February 2019.