Request for Expression of Interest for Conceptual Architectural Design Competition: December 22, 2018


The Ministry of Culture is committed to the establishment of the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum at Adwa with the aim of commemorating the historic victory and its impact with a monument worthy of its significance. The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences has been commissioned by Ministry of Culture to develop an establishment document for the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum including a conceptual architectural design of the museum. The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences has thus solicited the expertise of Association of Ethiopian Architects to undertake the design competition.

Therefore, Ethiopian Academy of Sciences issued this Expression of Interest in order to invite eligible individuals and consultants who can participate in this historic and significant conceptual architectural design competition to get the most creative and iconic Memorial Museum for Adwa Victory.

Project description

The Ministry of Culture is working towards the realization of the establishment of a Memorial Museum that meets international standards while being responsive to local values on 15 hectares of land given by the Woreda. Seventy percent of the land is intended to be used for soft landscape with roads, site structure and buildings occupying not more than 30% of the site. The site is some 8 kilometers (10-minute drive) from the town of Adwa on the Adwa-Yeha road and easily accessible.

Competitors are expected to produce an innovative and integrated master plan concept for the site; and architectural design of the museum and its facilities, which are not only responsive to the visions and interests of the Ministry of Culture but also shall become emblematic and expressive of the glory of the Adwa Victory.

Scope of the work

At this stage, the scope of work is limited to the conceptual architectural design development which shall be rendered during the design competition period. Therefore, competitors will be expected to submit architectural design with unique concepts, well-thought and innovative functional arrangements, new and creative design ideas and solutions.

The conceptual design is envisaged to be acquired in a single stage competition in which entries submitted by competitors would be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary jury which recommends three prize winners based on the evaluation result.

The winner of the competition will be invited to submit Technical and Financial Proposals which shall be the basis for negotiation in order to render the post-competition services. In the event of failure to achieve a successful negotiation, negotiations may be undertaken with the 2nd and 3rd prize winners in the same order.

Eligibility criteria

In order to maximize the level of participation and obtain excellent ideas, it is decided to have an open concept design competition for all consulting firms, registered architects, and 4th year and above architecture students. However, students or professionals working independently should submit a formally signed memorandum of understanding with registered consulting office with level 3 and above – with detailed information and requirements stated below.

Instruction for applicants

  1. Proposal for Expression of Interest (EOI) should be enclosed in a sealed envelope and submitted to the competition secretariat located at the headquarters of Ethiopian Academy of Sciences at the following address until January 04/2019:

-Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (Near Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Gulele branch), Gulele sub-city, Wereda 9, House No. 199, Tel: +251 112 590 930

  1. All pages of the EOI documents should be numbered, dated, signed, and stamped. The application should be signed by an authorized person.
  2. All the costs associated with the preparation and submission of EOI shall be covered by the applicant.
  3. Application should be done in person.
  4. Applicants may obtain additional information from the following address:

Mr. Girum Mamushet

Tel: 0913999686. E-mail:

  1. Applicants should submit the following information and documents:

 1. Name of the competitor/person/firm;

2. Legal status of the person/firm (private limited company /partnership firm/ joint venture etc.);

3. Registered address (Telephone, fax, e-mail etc.);

4. Contact person’s telephone number; and

5. Profile, ownership, organization and management of the company in details.

Applicants should submit the following information related to consulting office:

1. Certified copy of valid registered VAT;

2. Certified copy of valid Tax Identification Number (TIN);

3. Renewed trade license for this fiscal year; and

4. Tax clearance certificate

The applicant should also present his/her CV including that of key staff.