EAS Fellows

Berhane Asfaw

Berhane Asfaw is a Paleoanthropologist and is Managing Director of the Rift Valley Research Services. He is Fellow of the National Academy of Science of the United States (2008)…

Berhanu Gebremedhin

Berhanu Gebremedhin is Senior Scientist-Agricultural Economist at the International Livestock Research Institute and Adjunct Professor of Economics at AAU.  He served as…

Brhane Gebrekidan

Brhane Gebrekidan is an independent consultant in agriculture. He has authored several technical papers and book chapters. He developed several new varieties of sorghum and maize…

Chemeda Fininsa

Chemeda Fininsa is Professor and current President of Haramaya University.

Damen Haile Mariam

Damen Haile Mariam is Professor of Public Health and Health Economics at the School of Public Health at AAU.

Daniel Kitaw

Daniel Kitaw is Professor of Industrial Engineering at AAU. He has authored and co-authored many articles in national and international journals and has published teaching…

Darge Wole

Darge Wole is Professor of Educational Psychology at AAU.

Dawit Alemu

Dawit Alemu is an Agricultural Economist and is currently serving as Manager of the Bilateral Ethiopia-Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade (BENEFIT) Program.

Demissie Habte

Demissie Habte is Professor of Paediatrics and former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, AAU. He has extensive publications on child health, medical education, and public health.

Dessalegn Rahmato

Dessalegn Rahmato was for many years a Senior Research Fellow at AAU and left in 1997 to establish, along with some like-minded colleagues, Forum for Social Studies - an…

Eleni Gabre-Madhin

Eleni Gabre-Madhin is the Founder and was the first CEO of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. She has authored numerous works and scholarly peer-reviewed articles and was awarded…

Endashaw Bekele

Endashaw Bekele is Professor of Genetics. He served as Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at AAU and as Dean of the Faculty of Science at Asmara University…